KindlyCook organize pre-planned events with a view to enjoy specially prepared gourmet meals by hobbyist and professional Chefs. Each event is characterized by a long community table where the guests sit together, interact with the Chef as well as enjoy each others company discussing the day’s affairs and strengthen the bonds over simple, uncomplicated food. It could be in someone else’s house, with people you have never met. But it is all for the love of food.

There are so many cuisines out there that have evolved over the last century; their stories deserve to be told. From Himachali thalis and Assamese delicacies to Iftaari and Pujo treats, home pop-ups dig out flavors from our roots. Looking for a unique dinning experience as a guest or want opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and earn extra bucks as a professional or a hobbyist chef, Contact KindlyCook.